Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA)

Prerequisites: This course shall have no formal pre-requisite.

Course Length: 4 hours - Course length shall vary depending on the number of delegates. Total course time includes breaks.

Class Size: The maximum number of delegates that may be trained and tested per instructor shall be thirty–five (35) in the classroom session.

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Course Objective

  • To provide delegates with the knowledge needed to analyze risks involved with job tasks
  • Delegates will be able to understand how to determine the severity and probability of each risk and how to reduce them to acceptable levels
  • Delegates will be able to understand the steps of writing a JSA and develop a JSA for specific jobs
  • To identify control methods and evaluate their effectiveness

Course Design

  • Power Point© / Lecture / Audio Video / Visual Aids

Successful Course Completion

  • Requires a minimum score of 75% or better.
  • Delegates will have no more than thirty (30) minutes to complete the exam.
  • Grades shall be calculated by dividing the number of questions answered correctly by the total number of exam questions.

Course Content Summary

  • Classroom

Breaks: 10 minutes (approximately every hour)

Lunch: 1 Hour (if applicable)

Course Outline

  • Hazard Recognition
  • Risk Analysis

The importance of hazard recognition and risk reduction

Types of hazards

  • Unsafe condition
  • Unsafe acts

Four Steps in Identifying a Hazard

  • Selecting a job to be analyzed
  • Breaking down the job into smaller tasks
  • Identify hazards and potential accidents
  • Develop solutions

Identify Sources of Energy

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Thermal
  • Residual/Stored
  • Gravity
  • Pressurized
  • Chemicals

General Workplace Conditions

  • Where to look
  • What to look for
  • Observation techniques
  • Factors that increase risk

Review Common Hazard Recognition Examples

Stop Work Authority (SWA)

  • Intervention
  • SEMS II Requirements
  • SWA Trigger Examples
    • Carrying material while climbing o Not wearing proper PPE
    • Not using handrails
    • Improper Fall Protection
    • Working without a permit
    • Improper lifting techniques
    • Environmental conditions
    • Hazardous environments
    • Etc…
  • How to properly intervene
  • Worker Responsibility

Risk Assessment

  • Hazard recognition and analysis
  • How to identify workplace hazards
  • Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Risk Assessment Exercise 1
  • Risk Assessment Exercise 2
  • Risk Matrix
  • Severity
  • Probability

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • What is a JSA
  • Importance of a JSA
  • JSA Flow-Chart
  • How to perform a JSA
    • Identifying Job Steps
    • Identifying Potential Hazards
    • Identifying Solutions to Eliminate Hazards
  • JSA sample questions
  • JSA Training Guide handout
  • JSA Exercise 1
  • JSA Exercise 2

Practical Session

  • Group table top exercises

Training Center Provided Material

  • Course Materials

Student Requirements

  • None
  • Course ID #: MA045


Jun 07 2023


7:30 am