OPITO – Travel Safely by Boat

Course Aim and Target Group - this program is designed to meet the initial safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel new to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Accreditation: OPITO
Duration: 2 hours
Validation: 4 years

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Course Lesson Plan

Boat Travel Learning Outcomes:

  1. Donning of an appropriate floatation device as used during transfers
  2. A method of transfer between a simulated boat deck and a simulated fixed installation deck using swing rope transfers with luggage transfers

Boat Emergencies Learning Outcomes:

  1. Actions in preparation of a boat emergency
  2. Actions in the event of an abandonment
  3. Survival techniques following an abandonment

Physical / Health Demands:
Emergency response training contains physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such training must be medically fit and capable of participating fully. All personnel will be required to complete a self-declaration of fitness form prior to commencement of practical.
Start / Finish Times: Training courses will begin at 7:30 am and should conclude by 9:30 am; it is recommended that delegates arrive at 7:00 am.

Equipment Requirements:
Delegates are expected to provide the following items during training:

  • Government Issued Photo Identification – Required
  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Appropriate clothing for all practical sessions
    • Open toe shoes, shorts, and sleeveless shirts are prohibited
  • Safety-Toe footwear for practical sessions

Meals / Refreshments:
Delegates will be provided with a 1-hour lunch break (if applicable) with meals provided at client’s expense. Coffee and water will be available free of charge. Periodic breaks will be offered to delegate’s during training.

Course Delivery and Special Needs:
All course materials, assessments, and documentation will be conducted in American English language only. Delegates with any special needs should contact us in advance to ensure that these requirements are met.

Delegates are assessed against industry agreed competency standards. Should delegates fail to meet these standards, our staff shall provide additional coaching to provide the delegate with additional opportunities to meet the requirements.

Successful delegates shall receive a Certificate and Identification Card with a copy of the certificate sent to the employer. The delegate’s successful completion will also be recorded in a central training register maintained by OPITO.

OPITO Introduction Video: https://www.opito.com/content/opito-basic-offshore-safety-induction-and- emergency-training-bosiet

  • Course ID #: MA141


Dec 04 2023


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