Pulmonary Function Testing

Prerequisites: This procedure has no prerequisites; however, certain illnesses or conditions would require the test to be postponed.

Course Length: The time required for the procedure will be dependent on the individual being tested.

Class Size: Spirometry is a lung function test that plays an important role in occupational respiratory health surveillance by helping to determine if a worker demonstrates a specific pattern of respiratory impairment. Spirometry also helps to assess the effectiveness of protective measures in the workplace (NIOSH).

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  • A well-trained technician will obtain accurate and precise results using a spirometer to measure the amount of air the delegate can breathe into the lungs and the amount of air the delegate can quickly blow out of the lungs.
  • This test is done by having the delegate take in a deep breath and then blow out all the air. The delegate will be blowing into a tube connected to a machine (spirometer).
  • To get the “best” test result, the test is repeated three times. The delegate will be given a rest between tests.
  • It can take practice to be able to do spirometry well. The technician will work with the delegate to learn how to do the test correctly.
  • Course ID #: MA070


May 24 2024


7:30 am