Rigger Safety – 4 Hour

Prerequisites: This course shall have no formal pre-requisite. The individual should have no history of a disabling medical condition, which may be sufficient reason for disqualification.

Course Length: 4 hours – Course length shall vary depending on the number of delegates. Total course time includes breaks.

Class Size: The maximum number of delegates that may be trained and tested per instructor shall be twenty four (24) in the classroom session and twenty (20) in the practical session. A second instructor shall be added for the practical session once the participation exceeds twenty (20) and exercises will be divided into groups.

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Course Objective

  • Provide delegates assigned to rigging duties the necessary skills to safely perform their jobs.
  • Provide delegates with recommended practices and guidelines to perform safely while working with cranes.
  • Delegates should be able to demonstrate these necessary skills during practical examination and demonstrate knowledge during written examination.

Course Design

  • Power Point© / Lecture / Audio Video / Visual Aids
  • Demonstrations
  • Practical Exercises

Successful Course Completion

  • Requires a minimum score of 75% or better.
  • Grades shall be calculated by dividing the number of questions answered correctly by the total number of exam questions.
  • Delegates will have no more than thirty (30) minutes to complete the exam.
  • Successful completion of practical session is mandatory.

Course Content Summary

  • Classroom
  • Practicals

Breaks: 10 minutes (approximately every hour)

Lunch: 1 Hour (of applicable)

Course Outline
Rigging Requirements

  • Qualified Rigger – API RP 2D Definition
  • Rigger Responsibilities
  • Manufacturer Responsibilities
  • Common Rigging Problems
  • Rigging Plan

Rigging Equipment

  • Definition & Terminology
  • Blocks & Sheaves
    • Inspection Criteria
    • Typical Block Components
  • Wedge Sockets
    • Installations and Inspection
  • Hooks, Latches
    • Different Types
    • Inspection Criteria
    • Proper/Improper Use
  • Shackles
    • Different Types
    • Inspection Criteria
    • Proper/Improper Use
  • Slings
    • Different Types
    • Inspection Criteria
    • Characteristics
    • Proper/Improper Use
  • Rings, Links, Swings
    • Different Types
    • Characteristics
  • Turnbuckles
    • Different Types
    • Inspection Criteria
  • Spreader and Equalizer Beams
  • Cable Clips
  • Pad eyes, Eyebolts, and Other Lifting Equipment
  • Housekeeping and Storage

Rigging Technique

  • 3 Basic Hitches
  • Sling Configuration
  • Sling Angles
  • Rated Load
  • Weight of a Load
  • Center of Gravity
  • Moving the Load
  • Load Control/Taglines
  • Unbinding Loads
  • Pinch Points/Body Positions
  • Load Stability
  • Personnel Transfer
  • Other Factors (Environmental/Electrical)

Rigging Safety

  • Lift Planning
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hand Signals/Communication

Practical Session
Practical training shall utilize a hydraulic crane, various slings, loads & rigging techniques.
Practical shall verify that the delegate is able to complete the following:

  • Select and wear appropriate PPE during practical training
  • Inspect and identify damaged hardware/rigging gear
  • Select the appropriate hardware/rigging gear to complete required lifts
  • Communicate effectively with the crane operator using proper hand signals
  • Use tag lines properly to control loads
  • Select the appropriate rigging techniques to complete the required lifts
  • Use acceptable sling angles to determine safe lifting operations
  • Maintain hand/body position absent from hazards (pinch points)
  • Prevent anyone from standing under a suspended load
  • Work safely with other riggers as a team
  • Store hardware/rigging gear properly following its use

Training Center Provided Material

  • PPE
  • Crane with Operator
  • Rigging Material

Delegate Requirements

  • Must possess good physical health as the practical training is physical demanding.

Reference Material / Documents
API RP 2D Sixth Edition

  • Course ID #: MA077


Jun 07 2023


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