WellSharp – Drilling Completions/Workover Supervisor

Prerequisites:  This course shall have no formal pre-requisite.  The individual should have no history of a disabling medical condition, which may be sufficient reason for disqualification.

Course Length: 38 hours - Course length shall vary depending on the number of delegates.  Total course time includes breaks and meals.

Class Size:  The maximum number of delegates that may be trained and tested per instructor shall be twelve (12) in the classroom session.

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Course Objective
The curriculum identifies a body of knowledge and a set of job skills that can be used to provide well control training for drilling personnel.

Course Design

  • Power Point© / Lecture / Audio Video / Visual Aids/online quizzes /simulations
  • Demonstrations
  • Practical Simulations Exercises
  • All students are supported with Laptops for online reviews, sample testing, support material, electronic manuals and data sheets. Testing is online controlled by IADC thru their website. All support material is soft copied to each student thru thumb drives.

Successful Course Completion

  • Requires a minimum score of 75% or better.
  • Delegates will have no more than three hours to complete the exam.
  • Grades shall be calculated online by IADC and be proctored by Llyod’s Registry personnel, all questions are multiple choice.
  • An Immediate retest after review is available or within 45 days of the initial test failure.  The delegate must score a 60% or better to qualify for the re-test option.

Course Content Summary

  • Classroom
  • Practical’s

Breaks:  10-15 minutes (approximately every 1.5 hours)

 Course Topics - Day 1

  • Risk Management/ ICS
  • Bridging Documents
  • Management of Change Emergency Procedures Safety Margins
  • Risk Assessment 1
  • Emergency Response Incident Command…
  • ERP’s
  • Energizing Stop Work Authority
  • Horizontal Drilling and Complexities
  • Presentation: Casing Design and testing integrity
  • Hydraulics and MASP/MAASP
  • Formation vs Fracture
  • Applied and resident pressures
  • Operational math formulae
  • Simulator orientation, LOT/FIT - sim 45 min
  • Presentation: Geology, Deposition, fluid source, porosity. Permeability
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Well Site complexities, multi-well operations
  • Online reviews
  • Horizontal fracing, abnormal pressures
  • Fluids, compressible and non- compressible, brines, temp effects
  • Gas complexities with OBM
  • Homework - sim total-45min

Course Topics- Day 2

  • Homework review and concept correction
  • SPRs Pump Start-up,
  • Kick Detection, Primary and Secondary Detection
  • Flow Check, Shut-in procedures, Gas Law
  • Drill Procedures
  • Kill Sheet development
  • Methods review
  • DM and W&W Methods applied - sim 1 hr. 15min
  • Online review exercise
  • APL
  • Bullhead, Process, and calculations
  • Negative Testing, Pipe Heavy / Pipe Light
  • Wet and Dry Stands, volumes
  • BOPE Equipment Barriers
  • Pressure Envelope, BPE
  • Rig Systems Accumulators
  • Supporting BOP Equipment,
  • Typical Operations in Horizontal
  • Sim Procedures in Different Shut-ins - sim 45 min
  • Complications with Equipment, well secure
  • Gas in Horizontal, Shallow Gas, Oil Based Bubble Point sim total- 2hrs
  • Homework

Course Topics- Day 3

  • Homework review and correction
  • Exercises Procedures in Organizing a Well - 45 min
  • Sim Practices in Detection, Shut-in, and Methods “Bakken1” sim 1hr
  • Online practices
  • Testing Practice,
  • Volumetric Stripping tabletop
  • Volumetric Stripping Exercise ST1 - sim 1hr
  • Regulations API.OSHA, BSEE
  • Shallow Gas Recognition, “Choke Finesse” - sim 1 hr. 15min
  • Online practices
  • Discussion of Company Policy on Horizontal Drills,
  • Tripping, Choke MPD, Downhole tools
  • Sims on Complications in Well Containment, PEC Volumes - sim 1hr
  • Ballooning, Fingerprinting
  • Flow Check Operations in Horizontal, Trip Tank with - sim 45 min
  • Exercises Procedures in Organizing a Well - 45 min
  • Gas in Horizontal, KOP Transition with Fractures DM 1st Circuit - sim 1hr 15 min
  • Homework - sim total- 6.25hrs

Course Topics- Day 4

  • Dead well / Live well
  • Completion operations
  • Fluid swap negative testing
  • Production Equipment
  • ESD’s
  • Completion fluids
  • Differences in Workover
  • Workover operations
  • Methods used in workover
  • Top-kill vs Bullheading
  • Online exercises
  • APL
  • Force
  • Pipe light
  • Dual Densities, energized fluids
  • Downhole equipment
  • Tubulars degrading effects
  • Temperature effects to brines
  • Bullhead Exercise Wizard 1                                   sim 45 min
  • Complications with multi-well operations
  • Single barrier concepts

Course Topics- Day 5

  • Homework Review, Test Exercise
  • Break
  • Skills Assessment
  • Retesting
  • Review of Results, Login Data
  • Retesting if Necessary
  • Course ID #: MA153


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